Vitrue Acquires GamesThatGive!




Exciting news!  We're joining Vitrue today!

It's been an amazing experience over these past three years.  GTG started as a simple idea of combining gaming and charitable giving in what we felt was truly an innovative and exciting way.  Along the way we've been privileged to partner with amazing customers who believed in that vision and helped make it a reality.  It's amazing what a small and dedicated team can accomplish when tasked with something that truly inspires them.  Becoming part of the Vitrue family means we'll be becoming part of an exceptional team with incredible products, leadership, and expertise that just can't be matched!  We feel it's a match made in heaven!
Joining Vitrue also means an amazing opportunity for our partners as we move forward in this exciting and rapidly evolving market.  We're excited to start this new chapter of the journey and can't wait to see what unfolds.  So to everyone that's supported us along the way, we say "Thank you!"  
- Adam and Kris


For more details on this exciting news, please read the full article from Irina Slutsky on AdAge.